Thursday, April 23, 2009

Welcome To My Page

Hello friends!
Welcome to my official music blog!!!!!

This blog is dedicated to digital musicians,
good music listeners, fellow boom bap / jeep beats acts
all around the world.

Don't get misled. These aren't Hip Hop.
These are Adult Contemporary...
My photo
Kalimalang, East Jakarta, Special Capital District of Jakarta, Indonesia
Serenada Iblis, born Muhammad Irfan Handeputra, December 26th, 1987, is an Indonesian Hip Hop producer and rapper of Jakarta Hip-Hop scene. He is best known for his signature melodious bass-line after his pitch-shifted, sample based-hip-hop music productions, which mostly comprised of finest portions of 50s' to 70s' jazz, soul, and rocksteady, also regarded for integrating the likes of Dead Kennedys and CRASS riffs into rap songs -not renouncing his punk and hardcore heritage back in the day. He cited Pete Rock to be his main influence along with DJ Premier, 9th Wonder and J Dilla, revitalizing Golden Age Hip Hop sound in Jakarta Scene. He now works along Black Impala in their latest “project: magnum opus”, reliving what Manifestone left while assuming full throne of more effectual actions. Being music fan of popular sub-cultures like hardcore/punk, trojan skinhead, Oi!, mod revival, indie, and rave, Irfan calls Hip Hop “the next move” on capitalizing his acute fond of discovering distinct youth movement and search for good music. Irfan is closely affiliated with Quatromatic of Modus Operandi, Retorika's Hamzah and Zero One production producers and artists.